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November 13, 2015

Rose Gold iPhone Cases
rose gold iphone cases — click image to shop

I love designing iPhone cases. It’s an addiction. And every time I finish one I especially love, I have to hold myself back from buying it. The struggle is real, friends. The struggle. Is. Real.

I find myself attempting to justify owning a wardrobe of cases for my iPhone…I should have a whole bunch to show off the Redwood & Vine brand, right? (OK, this point might actually be valid.) I should have different cases to match my outfits, right? (Ummm….) I should totally have different cases to match my moods! (Oh just stop now.)

Nautical? Monograms?Β Holiday cases? I want them all and I want them now. The worst is when Zazzle puts them on a 50% off promotion. I’ll go on a designing spree and then want to buyΒ all of them.

My favorites lately are the rose gold styles pictured above with faux glitter and foil effects. I love rose gold! My “push present” when I had Alex was a beautiful rose gold ring with aquamarines and opals (Alex and John’s birthstones) from Misa Jewelry. I stack it with a two-row diamond band, also in rose gold. See? It’s obvious that I need a phone case to match this theme.

Clear iPhone 6 Cases
clear iphone cases – click image to shop

Oh look! Clear cases. Gimme.

I love these; Zazzle’s clear iPhone cases maintain their transparent quality even with color printing on them, so the metallic finish of your phone shows through. A friend of mine has the one on the far left on her new rose gold iPhone and it looks AMAZING. She showed it to me while on a vacation weekend at Lake Tahoe and I almost freakin cried. It was the first time I’d seen one of my “babies” in the wild (she ordered it on the sly). So if you’re looking for reviews of the Uncommon Clearly cases sold by Zazzle…big thumbs up. Crystal clear, slim profile and extremely sharp printing. Totally exceeded my expectations.

Oh, and she used the personalization field to add “Live, Laugh, Love” — love that! (Personalization with a name, monogram or message is totally free, by the way, and won’t delay production of your case.)

I’m off to pour myself a glass of wine and start designing (and then shopping) more phone cases. Which style is your favorite?

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