About Me

Kristen Juckiewicz of Redwood & VineHi! I’m Kristen Juckiewicz, the creator of Redwood & Vine.

I’m a Brooklyn native (and former Hawaii resident) now making my nest in California’s beautiful Napa Valley.

I’m a former senior marketing professional in the management consulting and retail industries, having spent the first dozen or so years of my career working in B2B marketing, digital and social media marketing, and account management. I left my former firm in early 2016 to pursue a design career full time.  On the home front, I’m wife to John and mom to Alex, as well as a lunatic Jack Russell mix, Barkley. I have a passion for travel, creating a beautiful home, learning new skills, and wine. Of course wine. I live in Napa.

Some of you might remember me from my last online life, Beauty Addict. I arrived pretty early on the beauty blogging scene and had an amazing time, from being one of the first bloggers with backstage access at NY Fashion Week to being featured in the New York Times — definitely a high point!

After a few years, life (and blogging) evolved and I moved on from Beauty Addict, but never lost the desire to create and share.  While on maternity leave I found my head swimming with ideas for everything from baby onesies to phone cases and bridal shower invitations, so I brushed up on my graphic design skills and opened a Zazzle shop, Redwood & Vine, to bring those ideas to life. It’s been a fantastic success so far, and an amazing creative outlet.

I’m excited to get to share a little slice of my world with you, as well as some Redwood & Vine goodies that I hope will delight and inspire you!